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Do you need a consultant to assist you with the quality assurance standard ISO 9000. (What used to be called  ISO 9001, ISO 9002 or ISO 9003 and is now known as ISO 9001:2008). Or  do you need assistance with related standards such as ISO 14001, the environmental management system standard, BS ISO 27001 for information security,  BS EN ISO 13485, the medical devices standard and ISO/IEC 17025, the standard that applies to laboratories and test houses. Then contact Lewis Conquer Consultancy

If your organisation needs a quality system tailor made for you, and that fits seamlessly with its’ every day activities; contact us.  We do not measure our success by the quantity of documentation produced. Web based quality systems  are a speciality.

So if your company is looking for someone to assist you in installing a quality management system to meet ISO 9001 2008, or any of the related standards; someone to write the Quality Manual and Procedures, or to assist you by carrying out internal quality audits for you; contact Lewis Conquer Consultancy Services for a quotation. Whatever you do, we can help, we have experience in a wide range of industries  from laboratories, through engineering companies, lift installers to electronics companies and service companies.

Even if you are not based in the UK Lewis Conquer Consultancy Services are able to provide contacts with Quality Management Consultants in many countries worldwide. Even if your requirements are not related to quality assurance or industrial microbiology, but some other aspect of business, still contact LCCS, who as members of national and international networks of consultants may be able to assist by finding someone to fit the bill.

The Indian Software and IT Outsourcing Industry

India’s software industry has over the years grown in importance in the global market that we now have. The majority of revenue generated is from their export market (i.e. selling services to offshore companies), which is in heavy competition with the USA.

After 9/11, many companies around the world realised the need for offshore back-up systems and this prompted a rash of investment by banks, airlines, telecommunications and IT companies.

The Indian software industry is worth approximately $38billion, with $31billion of that being generated from exports.

So who are the major players?

Infosys (NASDAQ – INFY), which floated on the US stock market in 1999, is an Indian IT outsourcing with no Indian clients. It’s purely a player on the global stage and one that’s only growing. Its shares may not be on the rise right now, but once the dollar grows back in strength their vaue will show and it will be time to sell.

If you’re brave and enjoy a venture in to the foreign markets India’s TCS (Tata Consultancy Services Ltd) is another of the major players in India’s software and IT outsourcing industry. Tata may be a name familiar to many of you from Tata Holdings, which is one of India’s biggest industrial groups, so you can feel very confident about this stock’s value and future. Currently, TCS (TCS.NS) is listed on India’s national stock exchange.

Next up is Wipro Technologies (NYSE – WIT) a company that has over the past couple of years has snapped up various US and European companies, which is sure to have sent out a message to their Western competitors of their intent to continue moving forward. And its competitors in the West are companies which just cannot compete with India’s lower wagers but higher skills level.

What can major Western software companies do to fight back? Will home grown Indian companies be buying up the major Western players as they find that they cannot compete in the long-term?

I cannot answer the second question, but a possible answer for the first is that some of the advantages established Western companies have over emerging Indian companies are the experience in managing projects efficiently and meeting deadlines and the basic infrastructure within their own company and society ensures there is less rough and more polish. It’s not to say that some of India’s IT companies are not on equal (or superior) footing in terms of infrastructure but the companies leading the way in terms of infrastructure are majors such as TCS, Wipro and Infosys. For smaller projects, investment in India is a gamble, as you may not know of the products doom until the eleventh hour. Western companies survival will depend up on them promoting the quality of development they have to offer and the solidity of project management from beginning to end.

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